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The basement speakeasy bar, Dram takes centre stage serving whisky with unusual pairings. Dram has the look and feel of an exclusive club. With its leather and wood décor, subdued lighting, soft jazz music and top of the line barware, it conjures up an understated and elegant world where you can relax, entertain, while tasting the best whiskies Singapore has to offer.

Dram is the only bar in Singapore and perhaps, in the world, that has painstakingly sourced over 100 unique bottlings, which are distillery exclusives or hand-fills, or warehouse specials sold or available for tastings only at distilleries. For the first time, whisky connoisseurs get to sample these rare limited-edition malts right in Singapore, instead of travelling to the numerous far flung distilleries located all across Scotland. The promoters fondly refer to this rare whisky collection available only at Dram as “The Water of Life ”.

New whiskies are introduced every month and tasting flights are on the menu. Some of the bottles, being unique, will naturally be phased out upon completion. There are a treasured selection of gins, bourbons, vodkas and rums.

Cigars are on offer too.

Masterclasses, tasting sessions, and other events ply throughout the month. The bar has membership programmes with exclusive privileges and personalised services for members and patrons.


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