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A Wine Bar Is the PERFECT Place To Go On A Date

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Singapore is littered with bars. We’ve got so many that you’d be spoilt for choices. However, there are some whisky and wine bars in Singapore that obviously stand out when it comes to choosing a proper bar where you can bring someone out on a date. Here’s how to choose the perfect one.

First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially in this day and age when it could be with someone you’ve only just met on certain online matchmaking applications. You’ll never know what your date will like, so the best places offer both vibrant surroundings coupled with quaint little nooks and crannies where one can have conversations without having to raise any voices. If you’re looking for smashing first date locations, Tipple and Dram will impress with great vino, whiskies, craft cocktails and delectable bites.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting at this unpretentious whisky and wine bar on Ann Siang Road. If you work in the CBD, you can meet after work and grab a seat at the street level bar or head down to the quiet, secret luxurious basement bar and cozy up at one of the tables in a corner. The whisky and wine bar menu list include plenty of bottles and especially single malt whiskies from Scotland and specially curated wines from France. What’s more, pair your whisky or vino with cheese or charcuterie platters, chocolates and even Bak Kwa!

You will love this cool drinking spot tucked away in Ann Siang Road. The basement bar is softly lit, cozy and has an overall chill vibe. Tipple and Dram is a particularly great destination for an after-work date as well. First dates are all about making a lasting impression, so why not meet up somewhere that’s sure to leave a mark? Our bartenders think outside the box with intriguing recommendations to suit any occasion.

Tipple and Dram may not be the biggest bar around, but it makes up for that with its intimate layout, their huge selection of single malt whiskies and wines, and their hand-crafted cocktails. It wouldn’t hurt to read up about the various types of whiskies and wines as well, because nothing beats a well-read and knowledgeable man who knows his drinks.

We’ve given you the setting, all that’s left is the date. Pluck up that courage and ask that potential special someone in your life out. Tipple and Dram, the perfect whisky and wine bar in Singapore is the perfect place for you – let the slick vibes and intimate ambience nudge the both of you in the right direction.

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