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Bridging the Gender Divide over Whisky: The MaltmanSG Musings

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mafia lady drinking whiskyWhat women want (to drink)

“Is there any gin? Or cocktails?” We often get asked by women. Sure, there is, but why not a dram of whiskey (or whisky) instead? “Ok, may be a whisky cocktail.” For all those women, and some men too, who think whiskies are too strong, these cocktails are a great way to get acquainted with whisky. Try the Tipsy Dram or the Tipples Classic, two unique cocktails you’ll find only at Tipple and Dram, at our whiskey bar at Ann Siang Road. Or, the all-time favourites – Whisky Sour and Old Fashioned. And then slowly, one could graduate to trying lighter single malt whiskies, perhaps those flavoured with creamy and nutty notes.

Once you get used to the kick and wholesomeness of whisky – oh, and the calorie content is much lower too — you will discover the wide choices one has and how versatile it is. Whiskies from different distilleries, regions or countries have distinct flavours and tastes. Drink them neat, with water or ice, pair them with bak kwa, cheeses and canapes, or chocolates. Each time the result is stunning and unexpected. Did you know women have more taste buds than men? Therefore, it’s likely that a woman can taste and appreciate the subtle oaky differences in different whiskies better than men.

We know women enjoy their drinks in a perfect ambience, with appropriate lighting, relaxing music, pretty glasses and a knowledgeable (and charming!) bartender. We take these things seriously too and make sure we serve it up right, every time.

Women are also naturally more curious about the origin of things – so they are likely to ask more questions about the whisky they are drinking and notice the packaging. Once again, the knowledgeable (and charming!) bartender could make a world of difference. Of course, you will enjoy our selections even if you know about it, but just in case you want to find out about your whisky’s age, region, flavours and so on, we’ll be delighted to have a conversation with you.

And did we mention fewer calories? Unlike a Rum or Vodka or Gin, you don’t need to add calorie-laden aerated drinks to enjoy the taste. And it’s not just calories – studies indicate there are other major health benefits. Taken in moderation, whiskies are believed to lower risks of dementia as well as stroke, aid in digestion, and help cure common cold, among other things.

Even though men have traditionally been the ‘whisky-drinkers’ and still outnumber women, there are more women taking to the drink these days. They’ve realised ‘Whisky is not risky,’ at least no more than other alcoholic beverages. It has partly to do with word-of-mouth, partly with awareness and partly about being fashionable. There’s also the matter of storming another male bastion, breaking the stereotype. After all, Bessie Williamson, the former distillery manager and owner of the well-known Laphroaig, did it almost 100 years ago.

So you know what to order the next time and where. Straight up or mix it up – have a go at the superbly relaxing and welcoming Tipple & Dram at Ann Siang Road Singapore.

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