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Cheers to the Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Single Malt Whisky : TheMaltManSG Musings

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Uisge Beatha – sounds so exotic. Turns out whisky gets its name from this Gaelic term which literally translates into ‘Water of Life.’ Consumed in moderation, this ‘Water of Life’ has innumerable health benefits that most people are unaware of.

Here are seven surprising ways, which TheMaltmanSG pleasantly discovered during his extensive readings in which drinking whisky can have positive impact on your body and mind.

  1. Helps in weight loss Let’s start with the best: whisky helps you stay slim. Yes, that’s right! The MaltManSG can assure you we’re absolutely serious. Whisky has no fat, no carbohydrates and almost no sugar. Have your whisky neat or on the rocks, without adding any fizzy drinks or other sweetened products, and you won’t have to watch the calories. For those who do like to keep tabs on their calorie intake, a shot of whisky has 64. Whisky is also gluten free, due to the distillation process.whiskey bars
  2. Fights against cancer Whisky is full of antioxidants. One in particular, Ellagic acid is supposed to prevent the body cells from coming into contact with cancer-causing elements, thus reducing the risk of forming carcinogens inside the body. Single malt

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is said to contain more antioxidants than even red wine. In a speech given by Dr Jim Swan at the EuroMedLab conference in Glasgow in 2005, this particular health benefit was highlighted.

   3. Prolongs onset of dementia According to studies, consuming one to six glasses of whisky a week helps reduce the risk of dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease. You may think the kick you get after drinking a peg of the finest malt is temporary; but it seems to have a much longer-lasting effect on your brain by keeping it happy.


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4. Boosts short-term memory It is claimed that the same antioxidants that help prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s in the long run also aid in memory retention. A few glasses of whisky every week are said to keep the mind active. But do remember, if you consume too much of whisky – or any alcohol for that matter – you are likely to forget what happened just a few hours earlier! Visit us at Tipple and Dram, and our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders will help you find the exact measure, every time. 

5. Lowers risk of heart disease Several studies conducted in the US and Europe have all come to the same conclusion: drinking a moderate amount of whisky (up to six or seven glasses a week) improves the health of the heart. Whisky has blood-thinning properties which help guard against forming blood clots and therefore prevents strokes. Small amounts of whisky have proved to raise HDL or good cholesterol levels in the bloodstream, which again protects the heart.

6. Treats common cold Here’s some good news: whisky is great for fighting the common cold, something that affects all of us. People in Scotland, and elsewhere, have long known that there’s nothing better than a hot toddy – whisky mixed with warm water, honey and lemon — to treat a bad cold. This is more than a home remedy, as it has been proved that whisky acts as a decongestant by dilating the blood vessels. The MaltmanSG is aware how folks in sunny Singapore are susceptible to cold and recommends the whisky cure.

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7. Acts as stress-buster Last but not the least, a shot of whisky can help reduce stress and soothe your nerves at the end of a busy day at work. Pour yourself a glass at home, or even better, unwind with friends and family at your      favourite pub, and you’ll be surprised how your worries will melt away. The barbiturate effect of alcohol can actually reduce your stress levels. What better place than the Dram Bar at Tipple and Dram? As you savour your drink in a quiet and snug space with soft lighting, relaxing music, polite and unobtrusive staff, you will even forget what brought you there. But you will remember the experience. Whisky also has sedative properties that help you sleep better, which is a real boon for those suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

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