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The festive season in Singapore is in full swing. There’s the Night Festival in August, followed by mid-Autumn festival the following month, then Deepawali, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year… there’s also Formula 1 Race in September which is one of the biggest events in Singapore’s calendar. We invite you to Tipple and Dram, conveniently located in the heart of the town at Ann Siang Road, to get the party started.

Meet your friends at our bar, have a drink or two at sundown before heading to the Night Festival. Or come on over after an adrenaline- pumped evening at the F1 circuit and have a quiet dram while reliving the latest achievements of Hamilton and Vettel. And you never know – Hamilton himself might drop by for a nightcap. Yes we know the champion driver endorses an energy drink, but if the Englishman were to go searching for the finest Single Malt in Singapore, after three grueling days of racing, would he need to look far?

Anyhow, we are also adept at customising events, just the way you want them. Celebrating a milestone birthday? Let us know in advance and we can arrange a tasting flight for you and your close group of friends. We also make customised cakes and bring out handpicked sparkling and other fine wines from France to make it extra special.

Or is it your 25th wedding anniversary? That would call for opening our rare 25-year-old Lagavulin or Glen Moray. Perhaps a graduation party for your son or daughter? We’ll make sure the young ones get to taste from our amazing selection of wines, cocktails or whatever else they may fancy. All within the confines of an uber chic bar, with our friendly and knowledgeable staff ever ready to guide and serve you.

Since opening our doors last year, we have held several corporate events where the guests have enjoyed the relaxing and cool vibes that Tipple provides, with both indoor and outdoor seating. And those who wanted a more discreet and exclusive ambience headed downstairs to Dram, the plush whisky bar known for its unique bottlings, not to be found anywhere else in Singapore.

From networking and matchmaking dos to high-profile gatherings of business and sports associations, from product launches to start-up shindigs, Tipple & Dram has often been the venue of choice because of its cool, casual, classy ambience and the fabulous line-up of rare wines and whiskies, aged rums and unusual vodkas. Among those who hosted their events at our bar are the Belgian and Luxembourg Business Association, Lunch Actually and Alteryx.

We also regularly hold our own exclusive events. From tastings and talks about wine and whisky to masterclasses by international connoisseurs, we make sure there’s something for everyone. Do keep an eye on our Events section to make sure you know what’s coming up. And of course, we have our regular happy hours and ladies’ night specials too.

Although we are not open for lunch, we are more than happy to curate special events at lunch time for you. We take immense pride in the fresh, gourmet food we serve at our bars comprising a superb selection of canapes, main courses and desserts. And our chef is ever-willing to customise the menu to suit your tastes – be it Asian, Western or Fusion.

At Tipple and Dram, we believe every day calls for celebration. So come in any time, for no special reason at all — and we’ll still make it memorable for you.

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