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Tipple and Dram: A perfect place to Unwind and Relax after a hard day’s work TheMaltManSGMusings

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whiskey bar in singapore

The leather sofas look too inviting to ignore. As The MaltmanSG settles back into the comfort of one of them, his gaze travels approvingly over the whisky bottles lining Dram, the whisky bar at Tipple and Dram. The quiet of the whisky bar is quite extraordinary in the din of the city, he notes. He orders himself a rather fine drink, a reasonably priced Tomatin, Bourbon cask hand filled, distillery exclusive – you won’t find it on the menu at any other bar here in Singapore ­– and it occurs to him that this could be just the perfect place to head to after a hard day’s work.


Whiskey bar singapore

But the thing is, would you find it?

Right in the middle of the business district, yet set away from it along the winding arc of Club Street and Ann Siang Road, sits Tipple and Dram, a bar that’s actually, well, two bars.

At street level, you’ll come across Tipple, the happy, breezy wine bar. Informal and welcoming, it’s just the place to relax with friends, and explore the world of French and other wines.

Walk in and make your way to the back, then take the stairs going down. With each step, leave the noise and demands of the busy metropolis behind. Catch a riff of jazz, a turn, and there’s the first plush, roomy sofa covered in leather.

You’ve reached the whisky bar, perhaps the best kept secret of Ann Siang Road.

Take in the charm of the rustic walls all around, the hidden nooks and corners, let the warmth draw you in. There’s an easy intimacy here, where friends can unwind after a long day. Or just two people can share a quiet moment. Or even a party, private or corporate, can get going.

You ask the Bar attendant for a place. But wait, before you sit down, The MaltmanSG suggests that you go across and look at the bar counter with its array of whiskies. It is guaranteed to lift your spirits instantly.


whiskey bars

All those single malt whiskies from the six whisky producing regions of Scotland as well as from countries getting known for their malt producing prowess. Savour the “Here Today Gone Tomorrow Collection,” or the range of hand filled or cask strength or distillery exclusive whiskies not available anywhere else in Singapore.

Why Dram ? Not in any whisky bar in Singapore or Asia, perhaps even the world.

At the Dram Bar at Tipple and Dram, you’ll be tempted by many really special whiskies: limited bottlings, rare finds, festival releases, and more. For instance, Laphroaig Cairdeas, which is meant only for Friends of Laphroaig.

Or, the Bowmore Islay Festival bottlings, from 2011 all the way to 2017. Or the Speyside collection sourced directly from distilleries. They even have a range of bourbons and ryes selected with advice from the top New York bars. Perhaps you’re keen on independent bottlers? How about a hard to find 32-year-old North British from Cadenhead or a 28-year-old Fettercairn?

There are over a hundred unique bottlings here, which are distillery exclusives, hand-fills or warehouse specials, they’re usually available for sale or tastings only at distilleries!

whiskey bars

Time to choose your dram.

If you need a little recommendation, the staff are always happy to oblige. And if you’re looking for a whisky cocktail, or a wine, or some other drink, just let them know.

Ah, one more thing. There’s great food to go along with your drink as well, from easy bites to more substantial fare.

Select your spot and settle down. The lighting is warm and low, the music easy on the ears, the world is far far away. The MaltmanSG is right, you might think as you sip your drink, this is a great place to make your way to after work.

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