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Join the Irish Gold Winners aka The Champagne of Irish whiskies for a whisky tasting

Exceptional French Wine Tasting Event on March 5th at 7.30 pm for just SGD 39 ++. Read More

Valentine Day Special 14th Feb 2020 4pm onwards. Book your table in advance for a Champagne fuelled romance

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal - 8.30 pm, 11th January (Saturday)

Manchester United vs Norwich City - 11.00 pm, 11th January (Saturday)

Watford vs Tottenham Hotspurs - 8.30 pm, 18th January (Saturday)

Arsenal vs Sheffield United - 11.00 pm, 18th January (Saturday)

Valencia vs Barcelona - 11.00 pm, 25th January

Leicester vs Chelsea - 8.30 pm, 1st February (Saturday)

Liverpool vs Southampton - 11.00 pm, 1st February (Saturday)

Valencia vs Barcelona - 11.00 pm, 25th January

Australian Grand Prix, 15th March (Sunday)

Bahrain Grand Prix, 22nd March (Sunday)


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