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A single malt whisky  for every palate, taste and price point.

Whisky aficionados get to sample extremely rare, limited-edition single malts.

Dram is the only bar in Singapore and perhaps, in the world, that has painstakingly sourced over 100 unique bottlings, which are distillery exclusives, hand-fills, or warehouse specials sold or made available for tastings at distilleries only!

“Whisky flights are also available, so guests can try a lot more whiskies, without having to shell out for a full dram of each.

The evening can be completed, once the guests choose from our wide range of Cigars available for them to enjoy!

For those wanting to learn more, a complete book on drams has been put together by our own TheMaltmanSG (co founder and whisky connoisseur), which will surely help to initiate guests into the world of whiskies!

Our Food Menu lets guests immerse in a complete sensory experience as the whiskies can be paired with different kinds of cheese, oysters, charcuterie, chocolates and even Bak Kwa.

Barkeep and Locker Options available too! Enquire for more details


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