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Exceptional French Wine Tasting Event on March 5th at 7.30 pm for just SGD 39 ++.

Celebrating Noir Notes with Exceptional French Wine Tasting Event

Fans of Pinot Noir and Gamay can rejoice. Join us on March 5th at 7.30 pm onwards at Tipple and Dram , 24 Ann Siang Road for a wine tasting led by Mary, our in-house sommelier.

These French wines are handpicked by one of our founders, who is passionate about wines.

The tasting will showcase Noirs from some of the hottest wineries in France, different manufacturing processes, taste profile differences between grapes and blends. You will get a feel of the taste of light red wines.

The event will commence by comparing two Rosé wines. A Sancerre, made from Pinot Noir single grapes contrasted with a No.2 Côtes de Provence Rosé, Château Saint-Martin.

The third wine is a Sancerre Rouge “La Croix du Roy” 2014 showcasing how wines from the same Château and grapes can be so different with a minor change in the vinification.

The fourth and final wine for the evening will be a Brouilly 2017 to demonstrate the power and magic of the oft-overlooked Gamay grapes with their floral aromas. The Beaujolais region near Burgundy, where these grapes are grown adds another dimension and richness to the flavour profile. Gamay wines being sometimes referred to a sommelier’s secret weapon due to its lighter body and versatility on food pairing.Come and establish your pinot print.

Tickets are priced at S$39++ and can be bought via PayLah or PayNow.

Ticket price includes cheese pairing and bottles can be purchased on retail at attractive prices.

Call 6423 0353 or marketing@tippleanddram.com for booking a seat.


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