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Ann Siang Road, a place known for its historical heritage is rapidly becoming the address Singaporeans head to when they want to unwind over great food and drinks. Adding to this glitter is the newest jewel in town, Tipple and Dram.

What sets Tipple and Dram apart is its extensive range of single malt whiskies, not available anywhere else in Singapore and possibly in the world, as well as a selection of wines, curated by the owner personally.

Tipple is the street level quaint wine bar and Dram – a premium single malt whisky bar is at the basement. The interiors have been done to capture the concept. While Tipple is a classic zen style bar appealing to wine lovers, the basement bar Dram is a speakeasy luxurious bar playing Jazz music for the hardcore whisky aficionados with a rugged flooring, brick wall effect, chesterfield sofas, subdued lighting, acoustics, glassware and most importantly – the diverse whisky collection. Tipple has the feel of an old-world charm enhanced by the sliding horizontal wooden bars at the main door and windows. The façade has colourful ceramic dado tiles and wooden front doors.

The two bars feature a diverse selection of wines, single malt whisky collections direct from the distillery, hand-fills, limited collection and a wide spectrum of spirits and beers. There is also a curated food menu, including pairings with cheese, oysters, charcuterie, chocolates and even Bak Kwa – we will go to any extent to get that pairing customised. These would be a first time in Singapore and an immersive experience.

There are three people behind the bar. They come from diverse backgrounds of commodities, banking and medicine but have come together due to a shared passion in fine wines and whisky. Being on the other side of the table for the last many years by frequenting infinite bars around the globe, the founders thought what it takes to get the oomph back into the Singapore bar scene. Not being from the industry, it helped to think out-of-the-box to make sure that the concept is ripe and right. The three owners’ background is as a neurosurgeon, banker and a serial entrepreneur respectively.

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